About CHAT



The Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc. works to enhance the business and tourism capacity of small businesses and attractions in heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities. 

CHAT creates opportunities to engage and increase participation in their local tourism ecosystems which ultimately helps to strengthen and sustain tourism in Florida. We seek to foster inclusion and collaboration across city, county and causeway lines.

Through our CHAT networks, we serve as a tour and business development company that partners with tourism-related small businesses, local attractions and tour guides to curate cultural and heritage bus and walking tour experiences to drive more locals, tourists and dollars into heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Chief Visionary Stephanie M. Jones

As a seasoned marketer and business consultant for the past 20 years, Stephanie has never shied away from taking gigantic leaps of faith to birth new visions into reality. She has proven herself to be a master planner and executor when it comes to taking an idea and making it a tangible business, program or event.

As a serial social entrepreneur, Stephanie has a passion for creating opportunities to empower and help fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses excel, especially those from underserved communities.

With her get it done and failure is not an option attitude, she is not afraid to take a risk to try something new or to create something to fulfill a void or unmet need in the marketplace.

Before leaping off the cliff into the entrepreneurial world, she spearheaded the opening of the world's largest African American History Museum (before the new museum in DC opened) in Detroit as Marketing & Public Relations Director and helped a local Black theatre company in New Jersey obtain Tony Award-winning status as Marketing & Sales Director.

Stephanie has served as a national spokesperson traveling to 40 U.S. cities providing career & business coaching to unemployed and underemployed adults. She has been featured numerous times in national TV, print and online media and has received several local and national awards & recognitions for her work empowering single moms, women and entrepreneurs.

Her vision for CHAT (Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc.) is to create tangible opportunities for minority business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into the multibillion travel & tourism industry. She is on a mission to ensure there is inclusion and diversity of more people of color in the industry.

In addition to the cultural heritage tours provided by CHAT, she is responsible for founding & producing the annual National Synergy Summit for Cultural & Heritage Tourism (www.culturalheritagesummit.com) and South Florida Black Restaurant Week (www.southfloridablackrestaurantweek.com). She is also the Fort Lauderdale Chapter Director for CCRA Travel Commerce Network. Through its travel division, CHAT is an Accredited Travel Agency providing cultural heritage group travel & tours to Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, Mexico, South Africa and Puerto Rico.

Stephanie is a Certified Heritage Tour Guide. She is also a Cultural Heritage Tourism Consultant (www.stephaniemjones.us). She serves on the Advisory Board for the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism and on Visit Florida's Industry Services, Small Business & Rural Development Council. She is a U.S. Department of State 2019 Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Reverse Exchange Fellow.


Our Team of Tour Guides & Tour Directors

Leadership Team


(L-R) Margie Miranda, Tour Director; Andre Jones, VP of Customer & Partner Relations; Stephanie M. Jones, Chief Visionary & Tour Director

Best Tour Guides in Miami


(L-R) Keith Ivory, Tour Guide & Andre profiling & styling!

Diverse & Multilingual Team


(L-R) Stephanie, Lilliana Fino, Tour Guide & Margie. We are proud of our diverse team. Besides English, our guides are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Community Historians


(L-R) Tony Parker, Tour Guide & Historian; Margie, Stephanie & Derek Davis, Tour Guide & Historian. We work with top historians from local communities.

Millennial Mindsets


(L-R) Alexandra Hern, Tour Coordinator; Andre, Stephanie & Daphne Clark, Tour Coordinator). Our millennial team members bring a fresh perspective to our team and use their musical talents to enhance the tour experience.

We Work Hard & Play Hard!


Our team enjoys the work that we do and like to ensure that our guests have a fun experience with us. We also like to have fun together!